About Us

Why the name E Pluribus Partners? Our name was inspired by the motto of America, “E Pluribus Unum,” which in Latin means “out of many, one.” We think of E Pluribus Unum as a powerful reminder of how great things can be accomplished by diverse people who work together as one. 

Key to bringing about the unity of people is to see that they feel connected. People who feel connected are 20 percent more productive than the average employee and organizations where people feel connected experience superior results.  

E Pluribus Partners is laser-focused on helping leaders elevate productivity and innovation by increasing employee engagement and connection. We provide customized services to each client based on our proprietary Connection Culture philosophy and process.

Our approach motivates and inspires people to take action. Using research, easy-to-remember frameworks, case studies and stories of great leaders who engaged people and failed leaders who didn't, we help the leaders of today understand why it is critical for them to create a Connection Culture. Leaders will learn the best practices that engage people and how to apply them in their work environment. Our measurement and accountability disciplines help organizations ensure that a Connection Culture endures.

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