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Congratulations on your presentation!  97% of attendees said they gained some key takeaways that they can apply to their respective roles at McKesson.                  

Mark Malis, Director of Talent Management, McKesson Corporation


Excellent presentation! Incredibly entertaining and informative.  Should be required for every leader/manager. 

Corliss Denman, Director, Perioperative Enterprise, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


Your seminar scored 6.5 on a 7-point scale for overall effectiveness and also for content value. Those are very high scores. Several participants commented that they found the material to be very well researched and the "Connection Culture" to be very powerful. 

Steve Daniel, Director of Program Planning, Institute for Management Studies


As leaders, it is a challenge to keep people inspired, connected and engaged. Michael and Jason shared real world examples of leaders who successfully have done these things. It was fully engaging and inspiring. The evaluations were "awesome," as one faculty member said. 

Janis Apted, Associate Vice President, Faculty Development, 
The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX


Your leadership of the program was superb. Your points were excellent, energizing, and enthusiastic.  Everyone who attended was fully engaged and rated it very highly. And this was one of our best groups of attendees, with high-level people in the public and private sectors, that we’ve recently had.  Your book and presentation are the antidote every organization in the public and private sector, and every person in them, need to offset the negative news. 

Alan N. Schlaifer, President & CEO,
Wharton School Club of DC


I was most impressed with Mike’s presentation to our leaders group at Lockheed Martin! His research and presentation was right on, and addressed real issues that our company faces. Engaging employees has always been the best way to get the best from your people and give the best to them. The straight-forward practical models and skills Mike teaches can help any leader transform their company culture to one that inspires the best in its people.  Mike not only taught us about engaging employees, he demonstrated it throughout his presentation! 

Scott Baker Ph.D.
 Professional and Organizational Development, 
Lockheed Martin 


In 2008 the Darden Graduate School of Business graduated its inaugural MBA for Executives class. As part of their last week together, the students were lucky enough to have Michael Stallard share his thoughts with them. His presentation was powerful and the buzz among the students was fantastic. “Michael really connected with us - right off the bat.” “We should have had more time with Michael.” “Provocative.” “So nice to hear someone talk about how hard the soft side is.” “The most meaningful part of the week,” and so forth. Mike didn’t just present and take off for the airport - he joined the students for lunch, their afternoon sessions, joined us for dinner and even met with one student the following morning. He wrote about the experience on his blog, calling the class “The Connected Class.” To this day, that is how they refer to themselves. I am delighted that Michael will be back to share his wisdom. 

Marian Chapman Moore,
 Professor and former Associate Dean, MBA for Executive Program, 
Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia


I work for General Dynamics Electric Boat Group that makes nuclear submarines and I attended the workshop that Michael Lee Stallard and Jason Pankau of E Pluribus Partner’s and co-authors of the book Fired Up or Burned Out presented to Electric Boat Corp on Oct 9, 08.  There were 25 Electric Boat personnel in attendance at the workshop who are part of a leadership development group at Electric Boat Corp known as BLG-4.  Many of us had recently read their book Fired Up or Burned Out before attending the workshop, so the material was still fresh in our minds.  I have personally read their book twice cover to cover and have re-read numerous sections numerous times that I gain inspiration from.  I refer to the book and the materials from the workshop often to help guide me in helping improve my skills as a manager of engineering personnel.  The workshop was excellent as it reinforced all of the concepts presented in the book.  Michael and Jason’s knowledge and passion of the subject matter, Connection Cultures = Vision + Value + Voice made the workshop a complete success at Electric Boat.  There was actionable information presented that we have all taken back to our individual departments at Electric Boat to implement.  Below are quotes from many of the Electric Boat participants that attended.      

“Good subject matter, and the fact that both presenters were passionate about what they were doing kept me engaged the entire day.  The examples used throughout the day were meaningful and gave me a lot to think about.”

“I liked the way the training was delivered with examples and a little comedy.”

“I thought that this was one of the best seminars we’ve had so far in BLG.  The EB culture is definitely not “soft” so it was nice that we could have a discussion about it.  I learned a lot and intend on implementing some of the ideas discussed throughout the day.”

“The session provided insight for getting results from people.  While the ideas were common sense-people issues, it was helpful to me to hear someone else say how important they are and provide examples for change.”

“The passion and knowledge the instructors displayed of the subject; the actionable steps we can take to implement; they kept us engaged!”

“What I like best about the session were the examples of people and corporations that typified the connection elements of vision, values, and voice and how those elements lead to success.”

Thanks to Michael and Jason for the excellent workshop you presented to Electric Boat personnel and your inspirational book.”

Ben Gillis, Engineering Manager, General Dynamics Electric Boat


Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the success of the Forum’s Second Annual Think Tank. Again, we greatly appreciate your efforts to market the Think Tank to your own clients, and your presentation was no doubt a draw for many attendees. “Whose in Charge Now? Thriving in an Employee-led Economy” exceeded our highest expectations.

Your keynote presentation with Jason resonated with our 45+ attendees and set the stage for an afternoon of learning and networking at the People Cafe. Not only was your message keenly aligned with the Forum’s own mission, but you offered up a dramatic and significant message that the Forum’s Executive Committee is still, and will no doubt continue, to reference – ‘Connect or Die!’

Over 90% of our Think Tank Survey respondents indicated the overall program met or exceeded their expectations. Your keynote address was a major reason we received such good reviews. Thank you very much for sharing your experience, expertise and delightful stories with us. It was a pleasure working with you!

Annalisa Jacobs, Managing Director,
Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement, an affiliate of the Department of Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill School of Journalism, 
Northwestern University


Four core content areas make up the curriculum for our international, nine-day, residential leadership development program for high school sophomores and juniors: Social Justice/Human Rights, The Practice of Leadership, The Presence of Self, and The Life and Legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt. Our participants come face-to-face with the best of the best of each content area in various intimate learning environments. When we were thinking of the best of the best in the area of leadership, we didn’t have to think twice: Michael Stallard and E Pluribus Partners were our absolute first choice.

From the theoretical foundations to the practical day-to-day implementation, the concepts contained in Michael’s book Fired Up or Burned Out are absolute must-haves in our work to empower the next generation of socially conscious leaders who can create sustainable change for a world in need. As one of our highest-rated training modules, our young graduates find the cross-cultural and cross-generational nature of the “Fired Up or Burned Out” principles adaptable and immediately applicable to their unique environments around the world.

Wherever they go and whatever they do, we know that our graduates not only create sustainable change, but they also provide the strength of sustainable leadership necessary to navigate that change. We have Michael Stallard and E Pluribus Partners to thank for that.

Kristine M. Revelle, 
Girls Leadership Workshop,

The Eleanor Roosevelt Center, 
Hyde Park, New York


Awesome presentation!  Reminds us to be present (get off autopilot) and actually become intentional about connecting with others. 

Marilyn Powell, Manager, Operation and Services, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


Thank you very much for leading a very spirited, humorous and insightful presentation about the need for a connected culture. At Greenwich High School your presentation was met with only positive reviews. Your ability to know your audience and connect with them made the difference. 

Christopher Winters, Headmaster, Greenwich High School, Greenwich, CT


Thank you so very much for a terrific, enlightening presentation. You gave the attendees some very important insights on developing effective business relationships. Your examples and anecdotes were fresh and on target. You energized the attendees and gave everyone a lot of powerful ideas to
consider. I was told by many on the way out and subsequently what a great meeting it was.

Beverly Katz, Chair, Marketing Executives Networking Group, Connecticut Chapter


I requested Michael to deliver a colloquium to the staff and faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC on Jan. 21st, 2009. I had previously heard him speak to an employee engagement workshop for Lockheed-Martin managers and executives in August 2008 where I was also a speaker.

Michael delivered a wonderful presentation on the power of connection cultures and how we can create them in our own workplaces. His talk was full of illustrative stories and wonderful examples from the worlds of sports, business, the military, and even his own life.

Michael’s presentation resonated with the people in attendance as it correlates so well with CCL’s extensive body of knowledge on emotional intelligence. I was impressed and, afterward, I was approached by a number of people who had attended who told me how much they enjoyed the presentation. If you haven’t heard Michael speak, I strongly recommend that you do so and that you also read his book, Fired Up or Burned Out.

Bill Adams, Senior Enterprise Associate – Government, 
Center for Creative Leadership


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and being part of your session.  Thank you.  I am very glad to now have this connection with you.  You have a great presence.  What struck me most was how genuine, articulate, and truly interested in others you are.  I have signed up for your e-mail newsletter.  Here’s to continuing our connection! I will be in touch as opportunities emerge to bring your work to our corporate clients.   

Nancy Dunnells, Senior Director, Executive Education Program, 
Darden Graduate School of Business, the University of Virginia


Michael Stallard conducted a webcast for the American Management Association in Nov '08 based upon his book: "Fired Up or Burned Out." He focused on Connection Cultures and how to attract, engage and retain employees and used a personal story as the foundation for his presentation. Michael's information, perspective and engaging style were well received by a large online audience. I have only the highest praise for his experience and professionalism - a pleasure to work with!

Susan Zeidman, Portfolio Manager, American Management Association


Mike Stallard appeared before the Staffing Management Association of Southern New England in 2009 in a customized presentation based on his book Fired Up or Burned Out. Our audience of HR professionals in recruiting/staffing/assessment/diversity applauded Mike's hour-long presentation and Q and A and ranked his presentation among the highest of all presenters in the last three years. He gave graciously of his time and resources and was well appreciated. His creative ideas were easily translated into implementable actions that our audience took back with them to their offices. 

Ruth M. Brennan, Ph.D. President, Business Intelligence Quest Madison, CT Co-Chair, 
Programs, SMA of Southern New England


Michael Stallard and Jason Pankau present a powerful workshop that can fire up any organization!  Capture their leadership ideas that focus on connecting employees to each other and their mission and you can bring your staff to new heights of achievement.  I encourage you to listen to their message and read their new book, Fired Up or Burned Out.

Thomas Jansen, Professional Development Specialist, Boy Scouts of America


Our organization asked Michael and Jason to speak to our management team on their book Fired Up or Burned Out.  The presentation was powerful.  Most business leaders would agree that their employees are critical to the company’s success.  This presentation not only brought this point home, it showed why this is more than just finding the right people and the right number of people.  It is about building an environment whereby each associate is fully engaged.   From their analysis of the science behind human needs, to the benefits of intentional connections and the hidden danger of disconnection, to the larger value of servant leaders, this presentation spotlights how critical building a Fired Up environment is the success of an organization.   

Vickie Seeger, Chief Underwriting Officer, 
General Star Management Company  and Genesis Insurance Company


On September 17, 2008, Wharton alumni had the privilege to hear Michael Lee Stallard, President and CEO of E Pluribus Partners discuss his book, Fired Up or Burned Out. The evening was truly inspirational. Michael’s ability to connect and engage by providing real life stories and personal experiences spoke volumes in support of the work he has done in creating “connection cultures”.
Wanting to feel connected and engaged in the workforce is one thing but having the toolkit and support that Michael offers is quite another. Michael’s discussion was truly compelling and informative and those present were fortunate to hear his message.

Jennifer Gregoriou, Chair, Speaker Series, Wharton Club of New York


Michael Stallard is an innovative, trustworthy and reliable professional. He understands what it takes to engage the hearts and minds of employees, and has developed a concept/model for employee engagement that will enable organizations to create a workplace that is truly exceptional. Michael understands what it takes to build a connection culture. For many, this is often seen as soft and intangible. Michael knows how to hardwire and connect people to the workplace. I would encourage you to take the time to listen and learn what it is he has to say. Michael is someone that you can trust.

Jay Morris, Vice President, Leadership Development and Education,
Yale-New Haven Health System 


Michael Stallard was a recent keynote speaker at our Virginia State SHRM Leadership Conference in January 2011. He spoke on the topic of connection and volunteer/employee engagement. His passion for the topic is evident when you speak with Michael. He brings his points to life with real people examples of applied success. Michael was received very well at the conference, leading attendees to recognize the need that people have to be connected, as well as organizations to have an engaged volunteer group or employee workforce. His tenets – Vision, Value, and Voice – make the two come together effectively. Michael’s book Fired Up or Burned Out: How to Reignite Your Team’s Passion, Creativity, and Productivity is a quick read filled with valuable insights from which any team leader can benefit. I highly recommend Michael as an expert speaker on the power of engagement.

Karen A. Edmonds, SPHR, IPMA-CP,
County of Montgomery, Virginia