• Senior Leadership Team Performance
  • New Manager Development
  • Teambuilding
  • Post-Merger Integration


  • Presentations/Keynotes/Webinars
  • Training/Workshops
  • Executive Coaching
  • Engagement Surveys/Culture Assessment
  • Communications/Publications



Our keynote speeches, seminars, training and workshops inform, educate and inspire people to take action. The topics we typically cover include leadership, employee engagement, productivity, innovation and teamwork. The titles of some of our most popular sessions are as follows:  

  • Actionable Impact: Maximizing Employee Engagement
  • Leading for Results: Achieving Task and Relationship Excellence
  • Making Purposeful Connections
  • Diversity/Inclusion: The Connection Advantage
  • Engage People. Improve Results.
  • The Influence and Impact of Outstanding Individual Contributors
  • Achieving Post-Merger Unity
  • Why We Thrive: at Work, at Home, at Play
  • From Outpost to Empire: How Great Nations and Organizations Develop Cultures of Sustainable Success



In our half-day, one-day and two-day interactive training sessions and workshops, we teach participants how to create a Connection Culture. Although all sessions are participative, the one-day and two-day sessions are highly participative. Managers always take away specific actions they can use to increase connection in their organizations.

Download our two-page brochure here.


Executive Coaching 

We coach leaders to become “Intentional Connectors” and improve their performance. 


Engagement Surveys/Culture Assessment 

We survey employees to assess the degree of connection in your workplace. Survey results can be analyzed by business unit and/or geographic locale, depending upon your organization’s business process flows. These assessments are useful in identifying those individuals who are Intentional or Unintentional Disconnectors. 


Communications and Publications

We work with leaders to create internal communications that tell your organization’s vision and values in memorable and inspiring ways.  In 2011 we launched Leading with Character, an email-based newsletter that helps leaders build connection.  Issues of Leading with Character are semi-customized to reflect each client’s culture.  Each issue focuses on a universal character strength that boosts connection and includes inspiring stories and “best practice” tips as well as questions for self-reflection and team discussion. 


Consulting Process

Our process consists of three stages:  Introduction, Assessment and Implementation

During the Introduction stage, we focus on how building a Connection Culture can help meet your objectives.  Then we introduce our ideas in a presentation to your organization’s leaders and influencers. 

During the Assessment stage, we survey employees using our Connection Culture Survey and interview key managers.  Using your objectives and the survey results, we then work with you to design an implementation plan.

During the Implementation stage, we facilitate workshops in those areas of your organization where our assessments show that greater connection is needed. All participants receive a copy of our book, Fired Up or Burned Out.  As a follow-up, we recommend that our clients survey their employees annually to assess progress and identify areas were further improvement is required. We provide executive coaching and project consulting services to support you efforts.]